Demand Planning the future – Some Predictions for 2013!!

As we are about to ring in the New Year, here is a moment to contemplate on what we have seen in 2012 and what looks like in 2013.

It appears 2013 will be the year to shift major paradigms!

Since I am not psychic, I am just looking at trends to see if they extend, fold or just just go no where!!

1. The Big Data Bandwagon will get even bigger!

Just like outsourcing was the buzzword in 2002, Big data is the current buzzword to attract venture funds, IT investments and even for job seekers to find a higher-paying job! Big Data buzz will get even bigger in 2013!

2. Integrated Business Planning will take over from S&OP!

More c-Level managers will start to look for a process that can effectively leverage Big Data above to make decisions based on predictive analytics! Only the thought leadership will happen in 2013. The technology and the software field is wide open with no identifiable players ready to facilitate IBP.

3. Outsourcing Demand Planning Best practices will become more prevalent

Companies in SMB will look to outsource their demand planning efforts, not necessarily eliminate demand planners, but the process to achieve consistency and sustainability in demand planning!

4. We will see much higher visibility of Demand Management!

The entire process to demand shape, sense, plan and manage demand will achieve higher visibility in Corporate America. People with such skills along with business experience will be most sought after for lucrative positions through out the world!

5. User-unfriendly technologies will suffer a bigger blow in 2013!

Software technologies that are not user-centric or user-focused will find themselves losing market share in 2013 with potential casualties including SAP and Apple (yes – Apple Computer has joined that camp in the post-Jobs era)!

Let us prepare for 2013 and do the right thing and make the right moves!

All of us at Demand Planning Net wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2013! Enjoy a fun and safe New Year’s Eve!

Mark Chockalingam
Demand Planning LLC

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