Happy New Year 2019!

Just thinking about the year that is leaving us and all the years that have passed by, I am just thankful for being alive and for feeling alive and experiencing life –

The opportunity to be part of many lives, many interactions and the many people that shared their life stories with me;

And for the trusting strangers that open up to share their life experiences regardless of language, country or religion

And for the never-ending faith of people that the world will be better despite all the injustices and the apparent triumphs of the mediocrity over good in recent times

And for the constant streaming of beauty in the world even if you try hard to insulate yourself

And for that accidental moment when this beautiful song from Rahat Fateh Ali khan embraced me…..

Wish all of you a New Year filled with happiness and beauty that enriches your soul!

Afreen Afreen by Fateh Ali Khan

Let Beauty and Happiness enrich your soul!
Afreen Afreen

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